Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 51 - 56mm (male); 54 - 62mm (female).  The well concealed upper surfaces of this butterfly are rarely seen and are mainly pale brown in colour with creamy patches on the forewing containing two eyespots with small white pupils.  The hindwing has an orange post discal band with a smaller eyespot towards the rear.  The undersides of the forewing is as above with a washed out inner orange patch and a silvery brown outer border.  The hindwings underside is of a pale grey ground colour with various dark grey markings.  The hindwing becomes darker towards the inner side with a zig-zagging line running down the centre. CHRYSALIS: 16mm.  Plain brown located below ground in silk lined hollow. LARVA: 30mm.  Pale cream with longitudinal dark stripes the caterpillars are nocturnal feeders on a variety of various grass blades. EGG: White, sub-spherical and ridged.  Located on various grasses.  Hatching time within 18 days. BEHAVIOUR: A fast flyer which when disturbed flies quite a distance before settling whereupon the forewings eyespot is briefly shown before being tucked away.  The butterfly always rests at a slight angle with their wings facing the sun in hot weather so as to maximise the capture of heat whereas on hotter days the wings are angled away from the sun so as to minimise the heat.  Due to the females secretive nature it is mostly males that are seen. HABITAT: Dunes, heaths, hillsides with bare dry patches. FLIGHT PERIOD: July - September.

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