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ADULT: Wingspan - 32 - 42mm. Variable in size and colour this delicately winged butterfly is a real gem. The male is silvery blue with a strong black edging and white fringe to all wings, The black edging on the hindwings is more dotted towards the outer surface. The underwings are spotted black with orange filled eyespots located around the outer edges. Females are brown with orange crescents along the outer edge of the upper wings. CHRYSALIS: 12mm. Green and located near ants. LARVA: 16mm. Green with 2 broken yellow lines along the ridged back and a double stripe along each side. EGG: Hard and round and located on Horseshoe Vetch. BEHAVIOUR: Low-flying and easily disturbed from grassy areas. Can be quite abundant in areas and colonies seem quite happy to fly in close proximity. HABITAT: Downland and coastal areas. Chalk and limestone areas where foodplant is available. FLIGHT PERIOD: July to September.

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