Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 35-45mm.  A basically white moth with the only colour a brownish tornal mark on the male and yellow tips to both sexes abdomens (more noticeable in females). The front legs are hairy and are usually spread forwards and outwards when at rest. Females are noticeably bigger than males. Also known as the Gold Tail or Swan Moth. CHRYSALIS: Pupates within a thin cocoon behind bark or amongst litter. LARVA: Black with yellow and red stripes and is very hairy. They should be handle with care as they can be irritant to skin. Feeds on a variety of trees and shrubs such as Apple, Chestnut, Rowan and Hawthorn. Overwinters in this stage. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light (especially the males). HABITAT: Woodland, hedgerows, gardens and parks. FLIGHT PERIOD: July - August. STATUS: Common in England and Wales becoming more localised elsewhere.

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