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ADULT: Wingspan - 54 - 56mm. A stunning butterfly with the upperwings mainly black with a distinct white crossband that is broken on the forewings. The underwings also have this band but the background colour is a lovely light chestnut. The female is usually larger and both sexes have obvious rounded wings. CHRYSALIS: 22mm. Green and brown and similar to a dying honeysuckle leaf. Has silvery outlines and variable purple marks. LARVA: 29mm. Starting brown eventually becoming green with a white and black line along each flank.Has russet spines along its back. EGG: Rounded, honeycombed and spiky and greenish in colour. Located on honeysuckle. Hatching within 1 week. BEHAVIOUR: A succession of quick wing beats followed by graceful gliding the White Admiral is unmistakable in flight. Spends lots of time high up in tree canopies. HABITAT: Sunny rides and glades within mature deciduous or mixed woodland with the presence of honeysuckle and bramble. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late June - late August.

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