Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 25 - 35mm. A sweet creature with the main identification points being the warm brown wings whose undersides are slashed with a distinct white line, which on the hindwing is W-shaped. The lower surface of the hindwing is edged in black-bordered orange and two tails project outwards, one quite small and unnoticeable the other more prominent. The uppersides to all wings are dark brown with a pale sex brand on the male's forewing separating it from the female. CHRYSALIS: A tiny hairy structure that is primarily light brown with a dark brown underbelly. The chrysalis is anchored to the foodplant by a silk girdle. LARVA: A somewhat flattened grub-like beast that can either be lime green of brown dependant on age. Initially feeds on flowers buds and then moves on to mature leaves. EGG: Green at first becoming brown. A flattened spherical shape this minute structure is best looked for on the scars of twigs and branches that separates old and new growth. BEHAVIOUR: An elusive butterfly usually seen flittering around the tops of its favoured tree in small groups of 2 to 5 individuals. This species is best looked for on early mornings when the sun is shining bright as they will come down to nearby flowers to feed. Females can often be seen walking slowing along twigs and leaves looking for suitable spots to lay eggs. HABITAT: Wherever mature Elms are present, preferably by on the edge of deciduous woodland. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late June to early August.

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