Eugnorisma glareosa
Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 23-26mm. The forewing of this species is pale yellowish-white that becomes darker towards the costa. There are several dark cross-lines with the one towards the two-thirds stage curving around the indistinct kidney mark. The eyes are dark and sit behind and obvious snout. The hindwings are light grey to whitish on the underside, while the body is whitish. LARVA: Found during September to June under a white web on the underside of a leaf. Narrow leaves may be spun into a tube. The larvae starts with a pale translucent green body colour that turns to a pale amber later in development. There are two pale lines running along the back and the head is pale yellowish with a few dark brown marks. The foodplants are numerous including Brambles, Docks, Hogweeds, Nettles and Thistles. CHRYSALIS: The pupa is found in a folded leaf or between joined leaves. BEHAVIOUR: A moth that is readily seen through the day when disturbed from amongst appropriate vegetation. Nettle beds are particularly favoured. Attracted to light. HABITAT: Grassland, hedgerows, fens and woodland. FLIGHT PERIOD: July to August. STATUS: Resident and frequent throughout.

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