Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 78 - 90mm. Dark olive brown forewings broken by a pale orange-pink cross band that runs from the base to the apex which is overlain with white lines make this sizeable moth readily identifiable. The hindwings are pinkish with a small white patch near the basal area and a black border near the trailing edge. The 2 lateral stripes on the thorax and series of black/white stripes across the abdomen confirm this stunning moths identity. CHRYSALIS: Large, chestnut brown and held in a flimsy, silken coccoon amongst leaf litter or grassy tussocks. LARVA: Green and striped with reddish head and brown horned rear. Located on Willow-Herbs, Bedstraws and Fuschias. Becomes more colourful after each instar. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light. Can be seen feeding on Petunias or Valerian. HABITAT: Coasts, parks and gardens. FLIGHT PERIOD: May to October. STATUS: Scarce immigrant.

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