Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 55-75mm.  An obvious species with greyish upper forewings that have bold olive-brown markings, the main one being a long oblique band starting in a point at the extreme apex of the wing and gradually thickening towards the trailing edge.  The upper surfaces of the hindwings have black bases followed by pinkish bands that have a whitish blotch on the innerside.  Another black band and a greyish outer edge and the mix is memorable.  The undersides of all wings are stunningly pinkish-red. CHRYSALIS: Not located in Britain. LARVA: Starting greenish with a series of paired, black-edged white spots along each flank.  Becoming more blackened with age.  A red line runs along the back, and the slightly nobbly horn at the rear is red at the base with a black tip.   Feeds on Euphorbia species. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light. HABITAT: Primarily coastal when found in Britain. FLIGHT PERIOD: July to October. STATUS: Immigrant.  Rare and likely to be found towards the South.

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