Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 40 - 45mm. The lovely uniform yellow underside to the hindwings is a key ID feature of this understated butterfly. The upper surfaces are white with 1 black spot (male) or 2 (female) and black wingtips. These markings are less distinct than in the Large White. Females are generally larger than males. CHRYSALIS: 19mm. Variable in colour from greenish to brown. Located on trees and fences etc. supported by a silken girdle. LARVA: 27mm. Light green and covered in small black speckles and fine hairs. There is a row of yellowish eye-spots along each flank. Located along the midrib of the leaves of foodplant (cruciferae) (Link). EGG: Conical turning from straw coloured to grey. Located in singletons on underside of leaves on foodplant. BEHAVIOUR: A roaming butterfly that seeks out pale flowers from which to feed. HABITAT: Meadows, gardens, hedgerows and waste areas. FLIGHT PERIOD: 2 broods covering April to October.

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