Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 27 - 34mm. Typical Skipper shape with an overall orange ground colour especially the upperwing surfaces, upper antennae tips and upper body. Like the other orange 'grass skippers' the male has a distinctive black stripe made up of scent scales. CHRYSALIS: Located at base of foodplant. LARVA: Feeds on various grasses such as Yorkshire Fog, Creeping Soft Grass and Timothy. EGG: White turning to pale yellow and found within a sheath on the foodplant. BEHAVIOUR: A busy and very territorial creature always on the look-out for a potential mate, source of food or passing intruder. Will occassionally rest especially during a cloudy period and males may be found perched on the look-out for other males. Strongly attracted to purple flowers. HABITAT: A real lover of rough grassland where tall grasses flourish. Roadside verges and canal banks are also possibles areas this butterfly may be found. FLIGHT PERIOD: June to August.

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