Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 19 - 22mm.  A diminutive moth with a smudgy look to the upper surfaces of the forewings. The forewings have grey-blue patches and dark chestnut crosslines.  The hindwings are of a fresh contrasting yellow with thick dark bands. LARVA: Light green in colour with a dorsal line, deep green subdorsal lines that are whitish edged.  The spiracular line is more yellowish, edged with dark green above. The head is pale green. The larvae feed on the seed capsules of Common Mouse-ear and Field Mouse-ear. BEHAVIOUR: Flies actively in sunshine visiting flowers such as dandelions and buttercups. HABITAT:  Flower-rich grassland, open meadows, downland, sea-cliffs, roadside verges and grassy embankments are all favoured by this small gem. FLIGHT PERIOD: May to June. STATUS: Common and widely distributed but classified as local.

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