Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 23-26mm.  A delightful micro moth with a black and yellow head, throax and abdomen and a silky white forewing that has greyish-black markings on most of the basal area, a similarly coloured costa and other black markings. CHRYSALIS: The pupa is created in springtime after the larva has overwintered. LARVA: The larva is a translucent green with a black head and feeds mainly on Nettle but will use various other plants such as Mint, Black Horehound and White Horehound. The larva feeds from a rolled or spun leaf. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light. Can be disturbed from leaves where it rests throughout the day. HABITAT: Woodland, parkland, gardens, wasteland and hedgerows. FLIGHT PERIOD: May to October. STATUS: Resident.  Common in Britain, more local to the north.

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