Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 29 - 37mm.This tiny Skipper is a real stunner and due to its fast blurred flight can be lost from view quite easily. Typical in shape to Small and Large Skippers with the main ID feature a series of silvery-white spots on the underwings set against a pale orange background. The upperwing has a darker hue with paler spots which are more noticeable in the female. CHRYSALIS: Small and various shades of browns and greys and located at base of grassy clumps. LARVA: Up to 25mm. Ranging from pale cream to ginger in colour with a black head this inconspicuous specimen will feed in a self-made tent of leaves bound in a silken coccoon. EGG: Pale and semi-elliptical and found singly on the foodplant. BEHAVIOUR: A fast low-flying butterfly that is easily disturbed from bare, stony patches amongst grassy areas. Can be quite abundant in areas and colonies seem quite happy to fly in close proximity. Never visits yellow flowers. HABITAT: Flower-laden downland where there are plenty of bare patches to give basking opportunities. FLIGHT PERIOD: August to September.

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