Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 35-40mm.  A common immigrant that can, in some years, turn up in big numbers and is easily recognisable by the vaguely marked brownish-grey forewings that each have a centrally positioned prominent silvery white Y shape. The forewings can be variable in ground colour though with purplish hues common. Occasionally the Y mark can be broken. CHRYSALIS: Pupates in a loose cocoon amongst leaves. LARVA: Feeds on a variety of plants both wild and cultivated with Bedstraws and Clovers particularly favoured. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and visits flowers at dusk. Seen throughout the day when disturbed from grass. HABITAT: Can turn up anywhere. Very common in some years around the coast and inland especially gardens with plenty of flowers. FLIGHT PERIOD: May to October but can be recorded throughout the year. STATUS: Immigrant that breeds annually.

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