Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 45 - 60mm. The coloration of this moth ranges through whitish buff to brown or entirely black with the broken cross-line and black-edged eyespot on the forewing quite visible or almost absent. The shape is somewhat triangular and the outer edges are heavily scalloped. The hindwings are similarly marked but usually paler, with one cross-line and edges less scalloped. CHRYSALIS: Pupates in leaf litter. Overwinters in this stage. LARVA: A long twig-like larvae that is green or brown feeding on a variety of woody plants such as Birch, Hazel, Willows, Oaks, Limes and Pines. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and can be found at rest by day. HABITAT: Coastal areas, parks, gardens, open woodland and urban areas. FLIGHT PERIOD: Single brooded. May to July. STATUS: Resident and common.

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