Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 25-38mm. A stunning moth with a grey central crossband that has a straight inner edge touched up with an outer orange border. A series of black spots above this line and along the outer edge coupled with the black and orange furry thorax and the feathered antennae in the male make the ID complete. CHRYSALIS: Pupates in hard cocoon on the trunk of trees or convenient post. LARVA: Can be found on foodplant on lower as well as higher foliage. Feeds on Willows, Aspen and Poplars. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light. HABITAT: Woodlands, hedgerows, parks and gardens. FLIGHT PERIOD: 2 generations in the south flying May to August. In the north there is one generation appearing in June and July. STATUS: Resident.  More common in the southern half of Britain.

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