Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 35 - 44mm. This delightful butterfly is usually confused with the similar Pearl Bordered Fritillary especially during the period when flight times overlap. The best way to ID both species is to check the underwings. The Small Pearl Bordered has 7 pearls along the outer eddge of the hindwing which are bordered by black chevrons. CHRYSALIS: 15mm. Dark brown and found suspended from a silken pad. LARVA: 22mm. Starting olive green with darker spines and usually difficult to locate as they rest deep within foliage. EGG: Pale yellow (greying with age) and strongly ribbed. Located on or near violets. Hatching time within 10 days. BEHAVIOUR: A constant flutter, glide and perch pattern with a definite liking for sunbathing. HABITAT: Sea cliffs, open woodland and clearings, grassy hillsides. FLIGHT PERIOD: June - July.  Single brooded.

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