Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 47 - 56mm. A beautiful moth that is easily confused with Copper Underwing, a species deemed to be more common but which isn't the case in many areas. The way to separate the two is quite tricky and is best relied on by a variety of characteristics. The Copper Underwing has an orange patch on the hindwing that is limited to the outer third and stops at the dark cross-band whereas in Svensson's the orange colour extends to the base in the trailing half of the wing. Add to this the light tipped labial palps of Svensson's, the duller colour of the upper surface of the forewings (thus making markings less defined) and the two uneven V marks in the trailing half (of equal length in Copper Underwing) and you have your ID secure. Be warned though that all aspects need checking and variations do occur. CHRYSALIS: Found underground. LARVA: Green with yellowish speckles and with a yellow line with upper black edge running along each flank. At the end of the larvae is a short red tipped tail. Feeds on a variety of trees and shrubs including Oak, Lime, Hornbeam and Willow. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and sugar. HABITAT: Found usually in woodland, gardens and parks. FLIGHT PERIOD: July to September. STATUS: Common throughout England and Wales but probably under recorded due to ID mistakes.

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