Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 28 - 38mm.The forewings are a rich reddish brown with prominent veins and a small black discal mark. The hindwings are a pinkish-red with a greying towards the outer margin. The abdomen is red with a dark stripe running along the top. The thorax is covered in reddish hairs. CHRYSALIS: Dark brown with yellow-edged abdominal segments. LARVA: Grey - brown with pale stripe along back and tufted with light brown hair. Located on various herbaceous plants. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light. Flies both day and night. HABITAT: Open woodland, downland, heathland, coastal areas and moorland. FLIGHT PERIOD: Southern colonies are double brooded from April to June and August to September. More northern colonies are single brooded in June. STATUS: Resident. Common.

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