Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 42 - 52mm. A blackish - brown butterfly with a nice white fringing to all wings and several quaint eye-spots on both upper and lower wing surfaces. The hindwing is slightly scalloped. Females are larger than males. CHRYSALIS: 14mm. Light brown with darker markings. Located deep within grassy tussocks. Hatches within 14 days. LARVA: 22mm. Pinkish-brown with dark line along the back. Slightly hairy. EGG: Dome-shaped and a washed-out yellow. Located within grassy tussocks. BEHAVIOUR: Slow flying with a distinct bobbing motion. Tends to be in colonies that can be quite large. Will fly in dull weather. HABITAT: Grasslands, woodland edges and rides, open glades and grassy verges. FLIGHT PERIOD: July to early August.

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