Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 70 - 92mm. His Majesty is a splendid creature with dark brown upper-wings that have obvious white markings and a wide white central cross-band on the hind-wing. The undersides of the hind-wings have the same central band on an orange-brown background. The undersides of the forewings are again orange-brown with a distinct eye-spot and white markings. The male has a purple iridescent sheen to the surface of the upper wings which the female lacks. CHRYSALIS: Green and found suspended on underside of leaf. LARVA: Brown at first becoming greenish with oblique yellow streaks. Slug-like in appearance and has two red tipped horns on the head. EGG: Found on Sallow leaves. BEHAVIOUR: A tree top dwelling creature that can be seen feeding low down on dung, pools and carcasses early in its flight period. The males select a master tree from which they seek out passing females. Other males will be seen off as the Purple Emperor is highly territorial. HABITAT: Oak woodlands with open areas and pathways. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late June to late July.

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