Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 37 - 39mm. The upperwings are mainly brown but the males have a distinct purple patch that is more obvious in sunlight. The underwings are pale grey with a slightly wavy white line that runs parallel to the wing margin. The hindwings have 2 orange eyespots located next to the small tail-like projection. CHRYSALIS: 11mm. Dark brown to black and located within ant's nests and leaf litter. LARVA: 16mm. Small, segmented and of a reddish-brown colour. Particularly difficult to find. Feeds on expanding buds after hatching during April. Nocturnal feeder. EGG: White and bun shaped becoming discoloured. Located at base of oak buds. BEHAVIOUR: Lives in self contained colonies and usually seen spiralling above oak trees. They will come lower to bask and occasionally feed on flowering plants. HABITAT: Oak woodlands or hedgrows with oak. FLIGHT PERIOD: June - August.

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