Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 35-40mm. A plain moth with an overall grainy texture to the upper forewings which also have a large kidney mark that is usually darker in one half, a curved row of blackish marks below this and still lower a paler crossline that is darker edged. The moth is prone to geographical variation ranging from pale sandy forms to much darker specimens. CHRYSALIS: Pupates in cocoon just below ground. Overwinters in this stage. LARVA: Lives in spun shoot and hides low down in vegetation by day. Feeds on Bog Myrtle, Black Poplar, Common Fleabane, Meadowsweet and various Willows. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and blossom. HABITAT: Woodlands, heaths and gardens. FLIGHT PERIOD: April and May. STATUS: Resident.  More common in the southern half of Britain.

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