Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 35-40mm.  Similar to the Beautiful Golden Y but this subtle species has richer purplish-red wings with less metallic markings. The golden Y shape is broken but can be complete. Hindwings are fuscous with a pinkish tone, small discal spot and a broad dark terminal band.  CHRYSALIS: Pupates in a cocoon which is found on the underside of a leaf. LARVA: Green, scattered with long dark hairs and covered in numerous longitudinal white wavy lines and similar cross-lines.  Feeds on a variety of foodplants such as various Nettles, Hogweed and Honeysuckle. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and flowers. HABITAT: Gardens, wasteground, woodland rides and hedgerows. FLIGHT PERIOD: June to August. STATUS: Resident.  Common.

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