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ADULT: Wingspan - 27 to 35mm. The largest Hook-Tip in the UK with a diagnostic, 'pebble-shaped' central forewing spot which often appears to have the peace symbol within it. The buff forewings also have a purple-ish hue within the hooked tips and a fine covering of dark, finely serrated lines. The hindwing is somewhat paler than the forewing and can be seen when the species is at rest. Specimens in the south tend to be a more warmer orange in colour. LARVA: The foodplant is Birch but Alder is occasionally used. The young larva is blackish with white markings on the fourth and seventh rings.  As the caterpillar gets older it becomes more green in colour with a black-marked yellowish head and a reddish-brown dorsum. BEHAVIOUR: This species overwinters as a pupae in a cocoon between the leaves of the foodplant. Attracted to light in small numbers. HABITAT: Woodland, heathland, gardens, parkland. FLIGHT PERIOD: May to June with a second brood in August. STATUS: Common throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

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