Eugnorisma glareosa
Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 40-45 mm.  A cracking little moth with warm chocolate brown forewings adorned with 5 pink and white blotches that look like the fallen leaves of a Peach tree. The hindwings are buff and grey. LARVA: Brown with marbled markings of white and grey. It has several humps along its back. At rest it raises both ends. CHRYSALIS: The pupa is found in the winter months inside a loose cocoon among the dead leaves at the root of its food plant. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light in small numbers and hides away in low herbage by day. Atrracted also to wine ropes and sugar. HABITAT: Light woodland, parks, gardens and around Bramble patches. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late May to July with a partial second generation in some years, usually from late August to September. STATUS: Resident and common throughout although becoming more local in Scotland.

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