Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 38 - 42mm.  A very attractive moth with forewings of a rich green, black and grey. In the centre of each wing is a pinkish-white forked streak, a feature that is highly diagnostic. The large kidney mark is partially outlined in white. The hindwings are dirty brown becoming darker towards the edges. LARVA: Ochreous to reddish-brown with white dotting. There are 3 dark lines along the back with only the middle one being obvious. A yellowish line runs through the black-edged spiracles and the head is a glossy reddish-brown. Foodplants include Orache, Knotgrass, Goosefoots and even Docks. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light in small numbers. HABITAT: Damp meadows, fens and marshy areas but normally seen in Britain in coastal areas. FLIGHT PERIOD: June to July with immigrants recorded during August. STATUS: A rare immigrant and now extinct as a breeding species in Britain.

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