Eugnorisma glareosa
Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 90-130 mm.  A superb looking moth that is easily recognised by the shaded blends of dark, olive and lime greens, pastel pinks, creamy yellows and grey blues on the upper wing surfaces. The whitish band across the front end of the abdomen is distinctive as well as the dark green thorax with central; light green triangle.  LARVA: Starting bright yellow and becoming lime green in colour there is a white and blue stripe running along the flanks from midway to the tail and a fluorescent black edged blue spot on the third section behind the head. The tail is orange with a black ring around it. Oleander, Grapevine and Lesser Periwinkle (Link). CHRYSALIS: The pupa is gingery brown and has a darker longitudinal stripe between the wing casings and a row of darker spots along each flank. The pupa darkens with age.  BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and can be found resting on bark. HABITAT: Coastland, gardens and warm open areas. FLIGHT PERIOD: August to October. STATUS: A very rare vagrant species in Britain that usually turns up in coastal areas.

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