Fig 1

ADULT:  Wingspan - 35 to 40mm.  The forewings of this subdued species can range from pale buff-brown through to a deep rusty red with the reniforme stigma represented by a pale crescent with a whitish dot at its lower end. The cross lines are faint with a series of black dots near the outer margin more noticeable. The male has a broad black band on the underside of the abdomen.  LARVA: Pale brown tinged pinkish or yellowish with a central line edged in white and brown and a dark line seen below the spiracles. The head is pale brown and freckled. The larvae feed on various grasses. HABITAT: Open woodland, parkland, wetlands, gardens and hedgerows along thick grassy rides. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late June to early August. STATUS: Common throughout except the very far north of Scotland.

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