Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 28 - 38mm.  The only brown butterfly to be found in a mountainous habitat the upper surface of all wings are generally brown becoming slightly paler towards the outer edge. Each wing is adorned with a row of dark centred orange spots found towards the outer edge. The body is black and furry. Males are usually more striking than the duller females. CHRYSALIS: Cream with dark streaks and spots and located deep within grassy tussocks. LARVA: A green caterpillar with 2 white stripes along each side.  A sluggish creature that can be quite difficult to locate.   EGG: Pale yellow with orangey blotches and laid singly on foodplant. BEHAVIOUR: The male is seemingly a bundle of nerves and is easily disturbed whereas the female tends to rest for longer due to her large load of eggs. The males will stop to check any brown object such as dead moss or dung. The patrol flight of males only takes place on hot sunny days and is close to the ground. HABITAT: Coastal areas, unimproved grassland, wasteland, cliff edges and hedgerows. FLIGHT PERIOD: Middle of June to the middle of July is when this species is primarily on the wing although the weather seems more significant to the range of this butterflies flight period than most.

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