Caradrina morpheus
Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 32-38 mm.  A drab species with the kidney and oval marks usually nothing more than dark blurry areas. The forewing is primarily light or dark brown with a silky texture. A gingery line through the kidney mark is sometimes apparent although this can be represented by two detached dots that are again sometimes hard to detect. The hindwing is quite pale and must be checked to avoid confusion with similar species. CHRYSALIS: Found underground in a cocoon.  LARVA: Overwinters in an underground cocoon. The larva is greyish-brown with an ochreous back. The central line is whitish and on each side there is a series of blackish arrowheads. The head is dark brown and shiny. It feeds on Common Nettle, Hedge Bedstraw, Willows, various Docks and Goosefoot. BEHAVIOUR: A night feeder that is attracted to light in small numbers. HABITAT: Gardens, farmland, parkland, heathland and open woodland. FLIGHT PERIOD: June to mid-August. Occasional second brood in October. STATUS: Resident.  Common.

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