Imago Pupa
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ADULT: Wingspan - 30 - 50mm. One of the easiest fritillaries to identify with its light yellow and dark orange chequered pattern quite diagnostic. Variations in markings and colouration are common but the bright contrasting markings are still obvious. Females are larger than males and have rounder wings. CHRYSALIS: 14mm. Greyish buff with black and orange markings found deep within low growing foliage. LARVA: 30mm. Black and spiny with white flecks on their flanks. When young are found in a communal web. EGG: Pale yellow becoming darker with age found on the underside of leaves on devils-bit scabious. BEHAVIOUR: Low flying and ponderous and usually found in close colonies.  Tend to fly only short distances. HABITAT: Damp and sheltered grassland and moorland. FLIGHT PERIOD: May - June.  Single brooded.

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