Eugnorisma glareosa
Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 30-40mm. A species that has a broad forewing of a warm grey-brown colour although this can be slightly variable. The straw-like markings are clear with a dark solid square and tooth-like markings completing the main identification features. Take note that the oval and kidney mark are separate. LARVA: Ochreous brown and with darker freckles. A vague pale line is found running along each side through the spriracles and along the back is a series of dark V-shaped markings. The head is orange-brown with darker markings. It feeds on Red Campion, various Catchflies, Ragged Robin and Sweet William and resides in the seed capsules. CHRYSALIS: Overwinters in this stage in an underground cocoon. BEHAVIOUR: A day flying moth only seen in low numbers. Attracted to light. HABITAT: Woodland, heathland, sand dunes, gardens and parks. FLIGHT PERIOD: June to July with occasional second brood during August and September. STATUS: Resident and frequent although it can be quite a localised moth.

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