Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 30-40mm.  A subtle and stunning green moth that has soft emerald green surfaces to the wings with white, dark edged cross-lines and a blood red tip on a slightly hooked forewing. The edges of all wings are frilled with a slightly darker green and the overall shape of the moth is distinctive of the Geometrid family.   CHRYSALIS: The pupa is spun into a cocoon and may be found among leaf litter. LARVA: Pale greyish green/brown with a distinct fringe of hairs on the underside. It feeds on a variety of trees and shrubs including Blackthorn, Birch, Hazel and Oak. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light. Can be disturbed from leaves where it rests on the underside. HABITAT: Broadleaved woodland, gardens and parkland. FLIGHT PERIOD: May to August. Sometimes a partial second generation will occur in southern Britain, usually between August and September. STATUS: Resident.  Common.

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