Eugnorisma glareosa
Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 35-60 mm.  A lovely moth that is easily recognised by the white furry head and thorax, the latter of which has 6 large black spots. The wings are white with heavy black spotting and several longitudinal orange-yellow veins. The legs are black with white bands.  LARVA: Yellowish and grub-like reaching up to 60mm in length. The body is covered in many black spots and the head is black. They are a wood boring species and sometimes problemematic in orchards. The larva initially feeds just beneath the bark but in spring it bores deep into the wood of its chosen host where it feeds for two or three years before pupating. Foodplants include Plum, Cherry, Apple, Beech, Ash and Oak. CHRYSALIS: The pupa is red brown and has spines along its abdominal section which help it force its way out of the tunnel in which it resides just prior to emergence.  BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light in small numbers and can be found resting on bark or in thick grass. HABITAT: Woodland edges, gardens, orchards and parkland. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late June to August. STATUS: Resident.  Frequent in southern Britain.

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