Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 29 - 36mm. A typical skipper in appearance with the wing posture and overall orange appearance quite characteristic of the family. Different from the Small Skipper in size and the bolder forewing markings and from the Essex Skipper in the fact that the tips of the antennae are black on the upperside and orange below. CHRYSALIS: Light charcoal in colour and located within a loose cocoon inside a tent of several grass blades. LARVA: Mainly green with a dark head and located feeding in a woven tube using the leaves of the host plant. EGG: Starting white becoming orange and are located on the undersides of various grasses including Cocks-Foot and False Brome. BEHAVIOUR: The male of this species alternates between perching, patrolling, basking and feeding and is highly territorial. HABITAT: Grassland, meadows, hedgerows, roadside verges, woodland rides and woodland clearings. FLIGHT PERIOD: Early June to August.

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