Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 50-60mm.  A variable moth that can have a forewing colour ranging from pale brown to almost black with markings such as the stigmata and cross-lines varying in intensity.  The forewing is long, narrow and rounded with a small black pip mark near to the tip of the leading edge. The hindwings are bright orange yellow with a noticeable thick black border.  CHRYSALIS: Gingery brown and located in the soil.  LARVA: Green or brown with a line of rhomboid markings along the back. September to April on a variety of herbaceous plants especially Docks, Marigolds and Foxgloves. Feeds at night and hides during the day. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light, sugar and nectar and easily disturbed through the day where it will fly a few distance and immediately seek cover. HABITAT: Found anywhere such as woodlands, gardens, hedgerows and open grassy meadows. FLIGHT PERIOD: Single brooded.  June to October. STATUS: Common throughout.

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