Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 40-50mm.  A wonderful moth to catch at any trapping session and its butterfly appearance only enhances the sight. All areas are vividly green after the initial emergence from the pupa but colours soon fade. All wings have two distinct cross-lines made up of a series of white crescents (although these may be absent) and the outer edges are slightly scalloped (more so in the hindwings). CHRYSALIS: Found in leaf litter. LARVA: Primarily green but turns brown in winter to give a twig-like appearance which is further enhanced by 8 small bumps on the back of the larvae. Feeds on birch, hazel and alder. Overwinters in this stage. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and can be seen flying high in the tree canopy on warm summer evenings. HABITAT: Woodland, heaths, parkland and gardens. FLIGHT PERIOD: June - August. STATUS: Resident.  Common throughout.

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