Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 26 - 35mm. The main ID feature is the underside of the wings which are pale blue and contain no orange markings whatsoever. The upper surfaces are a stunning blue with large black edges to the females forewings. Another ID feature is that if seen in April it can be nothing else as this is our earliest flying blue butterfly. CHRYSALIS: 10mm. Sepia coloured with various brown speckles. LARVA: 15mm. Light yellowish-green with a white line on each flank and an uneven upper surface. EGG: A small white disc located on Holly or Ivy. BEHAVIOUR: Quite fluttery and always close to dense vegetation usually seen flying around 8ft or higher. When at rest usually has wings closed. HABITAT: Parks, gardens, hedgerows and open woodland. FLIGHT PERIOD: 2 brooods. April to Jun and July to September.

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