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ADULT: Wingspan 32 - 370mm.  The grey forewings are speckled with black with a suggestion of green throughout, although this can be variable. There is usually a bold cross-shaped black mark in the centre of the wing which has been likened to the Greek letter chi therefore giving the species its common name. The hindwings are white in the male, dirty grey in the female. Var. suffusa is a dark greyish suffused form. LARVA: Green to bluish green with white lines along the back edged with dark green. The spiracles are outlined in black. A white line is also seen to pass through the spiracles. Foodplants include Dock, Dandelion, Hawthorn, Red Currant and many more.  BEHAVIOUR: Comes to light, to sugar and flowers. Can be found at rest during the day on old rocks, tree trunks or near light. Overwinters as an egg. Pupates underground. HABITAT: Open countryside, upland areas and parks and gardens. FLIGHT PERIOD: August to September. STATUS: Resident.  Common throughout but never seen in great numbers.

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