Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 27 - 35mm. A small butterfly that is easily overlooked with uniform brown upper surfaces to all wings with the male having two paler patches of scent glands on the forewings. The undersides are green with a faint row of white dots and are more easily seen as this butterfly never rests with its wings open. CHRYSALIS: 8-9.5mm. Located on the ground beneath debris. LARVA: 17 - 19mm. Green and marked with rows of yellow dots. Located on gorse, bilberry, bird’s-foot-trefoil, buckthorn, dogwood, broom and various soft flowers. EGG: Located singly on the leaf tips or flower buds of the various foodplants. BEHAVIOUR: Territorial with males chasing off various intruders and parching from a chosen vantage point. On cooler days will lean sideys to capture the suns heat. HABITAT: Common throughout but localised with dry heaths, open woodlands, south-facing hillsides where there are hedgerows of favoured foodplants and old chalk quarries. FLIGHT PERIOD: Early May - Late June.

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