Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan - 30 - 55mm. A wonderfully attractive moth which, as its name suggests, has a rich pea green colour to the upperwing surface with 3 silvery white crosslines. The costal edge and the dorsum of the forewings are red in the male. The hindwings have a silky white appearance.  The legs and antennae have a pinkish appearance. CHRYSALIS: Overwinters as a pupa in a tough cocoon on the underside of a leaf or on the bark.    LARVA: Green in colour with numerous yellowish marks and a similarly coloured single broken line running along each flank. Feeds on a Beech, Hazel, Oak and Birch. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light. HABITAT: Found usually in wooded areas as well as gardens and hedgreows. FLIGHT PERIOD: June to July. STATUS: Common throughout mainland Britain (although more local in Scotland and Ireland).

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