Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 38 - 52mm. All upper wing surfaces are typically fritillary like with a network of black crosslines and markings on a orangey background. The undersides of the forewings are primarily light orange with a nice black and white chequered edging. The undersides of the hindwings have alternate white and orange strips of areas with black central markings in most of these. CHRYSALIS: Starting brownish becoming darker with various orange spots. Found hanging from foodplant. LARVA: Chestnut coloured head and rear with a black body banded with patches of white spots. Located on Ribwort Plantain. EGG: Small and bright yellow located on the leaves of Ribwort Plantain. BEHAVIOUR: A sun loving butterfly that lives in colonies and is quite happy to bask for long periods until disturbed. HABITAT: South facing chalk downland and eroding cliffs where Ribwort Plantain is abundant. FLIGHT PERIOD: Late May to Early July.

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