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ADULT: Wingspan 25 - 30mm.  The forewings are a rich reddish-brown in colour sporting with a pale-straw leading edge enhanced by an inner black streak. The orbicular and reniform stigmata are represented by bright pale rings and grey centres, the latter followed by a small black blotch. The hindwings are glossy white with a hint of yellow. LARVA: The colour range of the larva goes from ochreous to reddish-brown with darker edged pale lines along the back and a brown freckled pale ochreous line along the sides. The spiracles are white edged with brown. The foodplants include Groundsel, Ribwort Plantain, Bedstraws and even Lettuce and Beet.  BEHAVIOUR: Very rarely seen other than at light but also comes to sugar and flowers. HABITAT: Gardens, hedgerows, woodland edges, farmland, moorland and meadows. FLIGHT PERIOD: Double brooded.  May to June and again August to September. STATUS: Resident.  Common throughout.

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