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ADULT: Wingspan 32 - 45mm.  A light brown moth adorned with a series of fine dark-cross-lines and a distinct white '80' mark that varies in intensity.  Fresh specimens often have a violet or purplish tinge to the brownish ground-colour.  The hindwings are grey. LARVA: The grey and white larvae feed at night and rest during the day between two leaves that are spun flat together. The foodplants are Aspens and Poplars.  The pupae is the overwintering stage and can be found in the leaves of the foodplant which fall to the ground with the leaves in autumn. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light and sugar.  When at rest the adult adopts a cylindrical posture. HABITAT: Woodland, parks, gardens and hedgerows. FLIGHT PERIOD: May to July. STATUS: Common but thinly distributed in western Wales and Cornwall.

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