Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 25 - 32mm. A tricky species this with similarities to Small Skipper obvious. The orangey wings and black lines are subtle but the main ID feature is the black tipped antennae which are brown in Small Skipper. The under surface of the Essex Skipper's wings are buff and the wings are slightly more pointed. The males sex brand is short and straight. CHRYSALIS: 17mm. Lime green and located at base of grasses, usually Cocks-Foot. LARVA: 25mm. Green with various white stripes. EGG: Yellowy -white, oval and located on various grasses. Overwintering. BEHAVIOUR: Low flying and highly manoeuvarable. Males tend to be busy especially during courtship. Lives in discrete colonies. HABITAT: Roadside verges, open grassy fields and woodland rides all preferably in sunny, exposed areas. FLIGHT PERIOD: July to August.

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