Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan 40 - 60mm. The male is a brownish moth with red, orange and black markings. The eyespot is black and orange and boldly stands out from each wing. The hindwings are orange. Females are larger and with similar markings but have a more grey and white colouration (see Fig 1). CHRYSALIS: Overwinters in this stage. The pupa has a one way exit with a ring of stiff bristles preventing predators from coming in but allowing the moth to get out! LARVA: Variable but usually green with black hoops containing wart-like spots that are yellow. Feeds on moorland plants such as heather (Calluna) and bramble. BEHAVIOUR: Males are a very fast-flying species and best found when a few clouds are about. They are constantly on the lookout for sluggish females which rest by day and fly by night. HABITAT: Moorland and open country. FLIGHT PERIOD: Single brooded.  April to May. STATUS: Resident.  Common throughout.

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