Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 35 - 46mm. At first glance the most obvious feature is the resting posture where the two hairy front legs are projected forward. The forewing ground colour is ash-grey and are peppered with numerous black spots. The two crosslines are irregular and are primarily black with orangish specklings. The thorax and abdomen are also ash-grey with orange and black markings. CHRYSALIS: Found underground. LARVA: A very hairy caterpillar that is primarily olive-green with five white and black tussocks of hairs along the back and one olivaceous clump at the rear. Feeds on Heather and Broom as well as several species of tree. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light. HABITAT: Coastal woodlands and heathlands. FLIGHT PERIOD: Single brooded. July and August. STATUS: Localised resident.

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