Fig 1

ADULT: Wingspan 21mm to 26mm. Otherwise known as the Inlaid Grass Veneer the forewings are pale brown to tan in colour with a white longitudinal streak which is cut by a fine oblique dark line around the distal quarter.  Several black terminal longitudinal marks are seen and the cilia is metallic in appearance. There are similar species so care must be taken with the ID. The Hindwings are grey becoming more whitish dorsally LARVA: Feeds within a silken tube on various grasses such as Sheep’s Fescue, Tufted Perennial Sedge and Purple Moor Grass. BEHAVIOUR: Attracted to light but usually seen when disturbed from tall grassland. HABITAT: Meadows, waste ground with tall grasses, verdant hedgerows. FLIGHT PERIOD: July to September. STATUS: Widespread and common.

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