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ADULT: Wingspan 18 to 20mm.  A very common long snouted 'Grass Moth' with brown-buff forewings that have a white median streak which ends in 2 to 5 branches.  The dorsal area is suffused whitish ochre. There is an obvious sub-terminal angled crossline and the forewings have a metallic golden fringe. The hindwings are darkish-grey. LARVAE: The pale-pinkish to ochreous with brown spotting. Feeds on the base of various grasses. BEHAVIOUR: By day it rests head-down on grass stalks, and is easily disturbed.  It is attracted to light in decent numbers. Overwintering takes place in a cocoon at ground level followed by pupation in the spring. HABITAT: Primarily found in grasslands, waste areas and gardens.  Hedgerows and woodland edges can be places to see this quite ubiquitous moth.  FLIGHT PERIOD: On the wing during June and July.STATUS: Well distributed throughout and in many areas a very common species.

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